Friday, March 13, 2009

lawn mowing fun

Howdi everyone. I just visited a great site, 'ecosalon', (sorry still don't know how to past a short permalink) and left a comment on the blog post 'broke! 20 fun things to do....' I like this site because there is plenty of info, links and great ideas. Anyway, I enjoyed contributing my comment and so I thought I would write about it here. I haven't written for awhile, been uninspired, or is that, uninspiring, lately. But now I am firing up again and my creative juices are flowing freely. So I got to thinking about fun things to do that don't involve spending money. After going over in my head about all the things I have done that are fun I found that the most fun to I had, did not cost much or anything at all, mostly. The emphasis on money, or the lack of money, just brings more 'lack of money' mentality. So I want to shift the thought to just 'fun', and ways to have it. Soooo, what I am about to suggest is just one idea. I like the idea, and I can see a business idea in it for some clever person who might like to partner with me in a venture. (but bare in mind, I see business ideas in just about everything). OOOH, I just thought I should do a and have a page for 'business ideas'. See what happens, out of control again (I am so grateful for this). Anyway... Sooo here we go! Mowing Fun For those people who have a front lawn (or a back one), try mowing a design in your lawn. Get the kids involved with the design and the mowing. They learn about planning, goal achievement, and rewards. The family can get together and support each other and appreciate each others contribution and have some fun in the process. Dysfunctional or unhappy families might find this a challenge as respect and appreciation are involved (ooooh) (if this sounds like you, try it anyway and see what happens, get family/parenting/relationship assistance from somewhere, and start to enjoy your life). Choose a simple design first eg smiley face , checker board (can be used to actually play checkers on if you want to make big checkers (another project), or words. How about mowing 'I LOVE YOU' on the front lawn, or 'FUN', or '$' (always think joyful thoughts when you see/use this symbol). Of course it would be quite ridiculous to mow negative or abusive words, (just don't think about it). You can plan what you want on your lawn, pace it out and mark it out (lots of ways to do this) and start to mow. You can mow 'in' the design by mowing short the actual design and leave the remainder/background a bit longer, so the 'in' part shows up. Or, you can mow 'out' your design by, mowing the background short, and leaving the design long, so that it stands up/out. It might be a bit tricky, but that is part of the fun. Be creative. If you don't like the effect you made, no problem, just mow over it in the usual way and start again next week when the lawn has grown again. Just think of the benefits to you, your family, your community. A very simple way to use what you have already got to produce a different outcome. 'Do what you have always done, and you will get what you have always got'. So this time 'do something different, like mow your lawn in a pattern, and you will get a different result, that can be very pleasing, fun, creative, and draw attention to yourself. When people apply their resources in an expanded way, the resource takes on a new meaning. The resource might be physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual; they can be used together or singularly or in combination. The lawn mower and the lawn become instruments of living art! They become the means of creative endeavour. Mowing the lawn is transformed from a chore to a fun experience. Once the creative juices are flowing, who knows where they will lead to. The outcomes could be amazing, short term and long term. Think about what you can achieve! You have the resources available anyway, may as well use them. You are here in this life anyway, you may as well enjoy it. If you choose a front lawn, the local community will notice it and probably comment. Positive images in the community are helpful to raise the 'happiness' metre just a bit. If someone gets a little giggle out of it, you have helped that person's day go a bit happier; a free community service. Designs can be decorative also. What about a scalloped edge, or a triangle edge. Circles are good also when you start from the outside and mow in circles to the centre, creating a spiral effect. So you get the idea. I ask the question 'what else is possible'. You will be surprised at the answers that show up. Very kind regards from Jane. you can contact me for more info at movement4improvement at

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