Sunday, March 22, 2009

Doing a lot lately

Yeah, well, I have been enjoying myself a lot lately. I have attended some fun classes and feel pretty good, well more than pretty good, I feel great! I attend a African dance class 'Awakening to Spirit' which is so much fun and the spiritual connection from inner spirit is fantastic, along with the cardio exercise and the wonderful people I meet. A total fun evening. I had forgotten how good it is to giggle like a kid just having fun. Glad I know how again. I also had a supportive energy alignment which was also fabulous and Shivany was so lovely and I could tell right away that she was a multi-skilled practicioner who really knew how to assist me. Next came a session with Laughter Yoga, also a fun and lively experience. I challenge anyone to stay angry or down after attending one of these session. Laughter is magic. Moving along to a Writers Circle meeting where I met some lovely people and learned quite a bit about the experiences of a writer. A great group. There are other interesting things but too many to mention. This week I am attending a 'speakers' meeting where public speaking and presentation skills will be explored. Looking forward to that. I also attended the Andrew Griffiths 'Be Inspired' evening to promote confidence in local business and this evening was really great because it addressed the negative doom and gloom of the global financial crisis and encouraged people to be creative and look for the opportunities. Just what I have been on about for ages. This fairly high profile business entrepreneur is excited about mindset, positive attitude, opportunity and idea creation etc. just like me and a lot of other positive minded people. Great to see the doom and gloom propagandists put in their place a bit. It seems that I have regained a lot of enthusiasm in my life. The more I follow Beyond Freedom the more I enjoy my life. Sometimes I get 'distracted' and 'go off it' but then I realise how much I have gained. My life is expanding into more fun and confidence. How good is that! There is so much out there. Can't wait to see what adventure I can have today. Enjoy it all, kind regards from jane you can contact me for more info movement 4 improvement at

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