Monday, March 23, 2009

Learning through life

'go be productive blog' I have started this 5 day challenge and already I have experienced results. I have more focus, organisation, time, pleasure and satisfaction. Simple and effective (when you follow the plan). Even though I thought I was being productive, I can now see areas that I was wasting my resources and time (even just a little bit, collectively it adds up). Even the most skilled (at anything) can still learn something new. Well, I hope so, because to me, life is about learning new ways of being. A person actually never stops learning throughout life, there is always something new to discover. A great big adventure. So I sing the praise of Jeff Vacek and his Go Be Productive blog and 5 day challenge program.

All valuable resources come to me! For people who are looking for a great way to create income that allows time to enjoy your life, you might be interested in Liberty League Loads of people are finding that they can be successful with this work from home personal development business. I gain, something of value, everyday. I have learned a lot and continue to grow. How good is THAT! Using the Beyond Freedom program has opened up my life and I can now use many resources available, have more confidence, more direction and enjoy my life much more than I had previously. I am guessing that in your search for more money, greater opportunities, more ? of whatever you desire or you think you need, you will find an enormous amount of information and possibilities (I did). It can be overwhelming. If you want my un-asked-for advice, first just relax, enjoy, explore and then above all, believe in yourself and your ability to succeed. Everything will come to you. I enjoy Beyond Freedom and Liberty League and the 5 day challenge fits well with my direction to build a great life. I think the point of what I am trying to make is that there are many ways of 'being' in the world, choose a way that brings the results you desire. You can use all the tools available, not just one, many are complementary.

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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Buddhist Centre

Hi, again, two posts in one day, what's going on. I just received a call from my wonderful Buddhist nun Rinchen and talked about an idea I had to generate some income for the centre. The Khacho Yulo Ling Buddhist Centre Inc is such a wonderful place, and the people are wonderful also. Rinchen is amazing. Some time ago I got the idea of taking a cutting from the Bodi tree that is in a large pot at the centre. Buddha sat under the Bodi tree etc. So this actual tree has quite a bit of history. I want Rinchen to write up the story so that it is accurate so I will not attempt to do it now (more on that later), but rest assured this tree has some important history. So I took 3 cuttings and they all sprouted but only one lived and has now grown into a lovely plant in a pot. I think it would be wonderful to auction off the plant to raise funds to pay out the mortgage. The link above is the centre's web address and on it there is some facilities to make some donations. I think the web site could do with some maintenance and some lovely photos, so if anyone wants to donate their expertise, please contact the centre. So this is the first initial post about this project and I welcome ideas. Obviously we need a great photo of the Bodi tree, a page to make auction pledges etc and further donations. I am looking forward to seeing what can be produced from this event and how it grows from, just another one of my many ideas, to fruition, and favourable outcomes. It would be absolutely fabulous to have the mortgage paid out and build a broader community. Everyone benefits. So this is just the beginning. Stay tuned, and visit the site Regards from Jane you can contact me movement4improvement at

Doing a lot lately

Yeah, well, I have been enjoying myself a lot lately. I have attended some fun classes and feel pretty good, well more than pretty good, I feel great! I attend a African dance class 'Awakening to Spirit' which is so much fun and the spiritual connection from inner spirit is fantastic, along with the cardio exercise and the wonderful people I meet. A total fun evening. I had forgotten how good it is to giggle like a kid just having fun. Glad I know how again. I also had a supportive energy alignment which was also fabulous and Shivany was so lovely and I could tell right away that she was a multi-skilled practicioner who really knew how to assist me. Next came a session with Laughter Yoga, also a fun and lively experience. I challenge anyone to stay angry or down after attending one of these session. Laughter is magic. Moving along to a Writers Circle meeting where I met some lovely people and learned quite a bit about the experiences of a writer. A great group. There are other interesting things but too many to mention. This week I am attending a 'speakers' meeting where public speaking and presentation skills will be explored. Looking forward to that. I also attended the Andrew Griffiths 'Be Inspired' evening to promote confidence in local business and this evening was really great because it addressed the negative doom and gloom of the global financial crisis and encouraged people to be creative and look for the opportunities. Just what I have been on about for ages. This fairly high profile business entrepreneur is excited about mindset, positive attitude, opportunity and idea creation etc. just like me and a lot of other positive minded people. Great to see the doom and gloom propagandists put in their place a bit. It seems that I have regained a lot of enthusiasm in my life. The more I follow Beyond Freedom the more I enjoy my life. Sometimes I get 'distracted' and 'go off it' but then I realise how much I have gained. My life is expanding into more fun and confidence. How good is that! There is so much out there. Can't wait to see what adventure I can have today. Enjoy it all, kind regards from jane you can contact me for more info movement 4 improvement at

Friday, March 13, 2009

lawn mowing fun

Howdi everyone. I just visited a great site, 'ecosalon', (sorry still don't know how to past a short permalink) and left a comment on the blog post 'broke! 20 fun things to do....' I like this site because there is plenty of info, links and great ideas. Anyway, I enjoyed contributing my comment and so I thought I would write about it here. I haven't written for awhile, been uninspired, or is that, uninspiring, lately. But now I am firing up again and my creative juices are flowing freely. So I got to thinking about fun things to do that don't involve spending money. After going over in my head about all the things I have done that are fun I found that the most fun to I had, did not cost much or anything at all, mostly. The emphasis on money, or the lack of money, just brings more 'lack of money' mentality. So I want to shift the thought to just 'fun', and ways to have it. Soooo, what I am about to suggest is just one idea. I like the idea, and I can see a business idea in it for some clever person who might like to partner with me in a venture. (but bare in mind, I see business ideas in just about everything). OOOH, I just thought I should do a and have a page for 'business ideas'. See what happens, out of control again (I am so grateful for this). Anyway... Sooo here we go! Mowing Fun For those people who have a front lawn (or a back one), try mowing a design in your lawn. Get the kids involved with the design and the mowing. They learn about planning, goal achievement, and rewards. The family can get together and support each other and appreciate each others contribution and have some fun in the process. Dysfunctional or unhappy families might find this a challenge as respect and appreciation are involved (ooooh) (if this sounds like you, try it anyway and see what happens, get family/parenting/relationship assistance from somewhere, and start to enjoy your life). Choose a simple design first eg smiley face , checker board (can be used to actually play checkers on if you want to make big checkers (another project), or words. How about mowing 'I LOVE YOU' on the front lawn, or 'FUN', or '$' (always think joyful thoughts when you see/use this symbol). Of course it would be quite ridiculous to mow negative or abusive words, (just don't think about it). You can plan what you want on your lawn, pace it out and mark it out (lots of ways to do this) and start to mow. You can mow 'in' the design by mowing short the actual design and leave the remainder/background a bit longer, so the 'in' part shows up. Or, you can mow 'out' your design by, mowing the background short, and leaving the design long, so that it stands up/out. It might be a bit tricky, but that is part of the fun. Be creative. If you don't like the effect you made, no problem, just mow over it in the usual way and start again next week when the lawn has grown again. Just think of the benefits to you, your family, your community. A very simple way to use what you have already got to produce a different outcome. 'Do what you have always done, and you will get what you have always got'. So this time 'do something different, like mow your lawn in a pattern, and you will get a different result, that can be very pleasing, fun, creative, and draw attention to yourself. When people apply their resources in an expanded way, the resource takes on a new meaning. The resource might be physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual; they can be used together or singularly or in combination. The lawn mower and the lawn become instruments of living art! They become the means of creative endeavour. Mowing the lawn is transformed from a chore to a fun experience. Once the creative juices are flowing, who knows where they will lead to. The outcomes could be amazing, short term and long term. Think about what you can achieve! You have the resources available anyway, may as well use them. You are here in this life anyway, you may as well enjoy it. If you choose a front lawn, the local community will notice it and probably comment. Positive images in the community are helpful to raise the 'happiness' metre just a bit. If someone gets a little giggle out of it, you have helped that person's day go a bit happier; a free community service. Designs can be decorative also. What about a scalloped edge, or a triangle edge. Circles are good also when you start from the outside and mow in circles to the centre, creating a spiral effect. So you get the idea. I ask the question 'what else is possible'. You will be surprised at the answers that show up. Very kind regards from Jane. you can contact me for more info at movement4improvement at

Thursday, December 18, 2008

So, are you satisfied with your life.

Hi, I'm back again. It is Xmax time and I have been thinking again. I was thinking about my life and the lives's of others and tried to group some things to create some clarity. This follows the previous theme of my blog (yes! I said I was into personal development). So I got to thinking and felt the need to express my thoughts to the world at large. So here it goes. What do people do that leads to a great life or a horrible one? So that is what I want to write about today. Some people try hard, put in loads of effort and get nowhere and others seem to try hard, put in loads of effort and get where they want to go. I think the difference is knowing what you want and in the goal setting. Efforts well placed will usually achieve the goals, but efforts poorly placed will wear you out with disappointment and set you up for failure. So I figured it out like this. How To Have A Horrible Life.
  1. Ruin your health through diet, first of all make sure you eat lots of unhealthy food. Don't even look at fruit or vegetables cos sometimes they can be tempting. Eat high kilojoules low nutrient foods, like fried chips, meat pies, anything highly processed. Make sure that the food you buy has got lots of preservatives, colouring and other additives. This will set you up for all the talked about diseases that are so popular right now. Its important to develop a 'closed mind' so that you wont be tempted to change your life.
  2. Develop a strong addiction to something, always is a winner. It does not have to be illegal substances, although these will achieve your goal, but they can be gambling, sex, cigarettes, food, alcohol and more. Having a strong addiction will help achieve point one, and also helps with point 3. Your health and finances will be decimated by raging addictions.
  3. Ruin your finances will help a lot. Get as many credit cards as you can and max them out and don't pay the monthly installment, default on your fines, establish a bad credit rating. Don't save any money, spend every cent.
  4. Work in a job you hate and are not suited to. This is a sure fire way to have a horrible life. You need a job to get the credit cards, right, so make sure it is terrible in some way and you slave your guts out to make someone else rich. You can get the sack later on and this is beneficial point 3.
  5. Have an abusing relationship with someone at least once in a lifetime but preferably several. You want to damage your self-esteem, your desire to succeed, your love of life. The more you are abused, emotionally, the more you will accept being abused, physically, sexually and financially.

You see it all ties in. These five steps will be lead to a horrible life, for sure, and all or efforts will be poorly placed.

If that is not what you intend to achieve in life, then I offer the following suggestions.

How to have a great life.

  1. Take responsibility for your life. I can' emphasise this enough. Only you are responsible for your life, where you are, where you want to be, your success and failures. It is you that directs your life, consciously or unconsciously. When you take responsibly for your life you do not blame, or give up excuses because you realise that you are where you got to day (good or bad) because of the decisions you made (good or bad) yesterday. Only you are responsible for your choices. So this point will cover everything including your financial state and everything you do, say and think. You are responsible for your thoughts, so make sure they are positive and supportive.
  2. Respect yourself highly. When you respect your life, wholeheartedly, you will not do any of the previous 5 suggestions, it just wont be in your life. When you respect yourself you grow in self-love and would not do anything to harm yourself. You know that you have unique talents that need to be expressed and shared with the world. Success comes in many ways and not just money. Remember that a mother who raises a child to enjoy high respect and self-esteem is as successful as a millionaire as she has done her job well. Don't limit your thinking and respect your mind. I could go on, but I think you get the idea.
  3. Develop loving and caring relationships. The relationship you have with yourself (one that is supportive and loving) is the key to having a great life. Make that relationship the best you can make it. This will bring you enormous joy and you will give joy to others. The people that you choose to have in your life will support you and share in your triumphs, help you, and have fun with you. They are a vital part of a great live.
  4. Look after your health. I had to include this. Your health is so important. A healthy body and mind is so helpful to achieving a great life. Take good care of your body and eat well, lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. To all the people who are not healthy for some reason, just do the best you can with what you have to work with. Some people do have illness, but that does not mean they should give up on looking after their health. It's all about how you think about yourself. Which brings me to my last point.
  5. Think you your way to a great life. It is what you think that determines you actions. Thoughts + Actions = Results. What are your results? If you don't like them, change your thoughts about how to achieve your goal. If you think you can't do something, you are right. If there is a glimmer of 'maybe I can' work with that, until you are sure you can and have solid self-belief. What you think determines your reality.

So, there you go, you have all the info you need. I hope my writing starts you thinking about what you really want in life and provides some ideas about how to achieve a GREAT life. I have joined an organisation/business group that is helping me reach my personal and financial goals. Liberty League and Beyond Freedom has opened up my thinking and my life. If you want some info please email me movement4improvement at or visit

Very kind regards to you all from Jane

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Monday, September 15, 2008

Life's opportunities

Now that I am home and back into my routine of uni assignments etc and engaging in my 'usual' life, I am wondering how I can do the 'usual' in an 'unusual' way that brings even more satisfaction to me. I am considering how some of my human needs can be used to play with life a bit more. You will notice from my previous blog that I advocate that life should be easy. To succeed in life (whatever you do that means success to you) and to achieve in business (whatever business you choose to do, or vocation) there are some common themes and concepts. There are 5 basic ideas to success that have been around for a long time. I share them with you now. 1. Fall in love: that is fall in love with your life, what you are doing, who you share your life with, and how you go about living and working. To love your vocation makes life much easier because work is not 'hard work' but another way of enjoying you life. Fall in love with you life and treat your life as valuable, nurture and support it in every way. Fall in love with a partner is also quite nice. 2. Understand what is possible: if you believe that you can achieve just about anything you choose to do, then the possibilities really open up. It was the big thinkers that dreamed up fabulous things we enjoy today (that were previously thought of as 'too far out there' to succeed) eg the car, Internet, iPhone etc. So if you understand that limiting your thinking is actually dishonouring your life potential, you can more easily choose what you really want to do and then proceed to fall in live with it and your life, even more. 3. Why am I here: to have fun, to love, to grow, to invent, to enjoy etc etc. Ask yourself that question and decide on an answer that is positive, fun and satisfying. Then make it a life goal. Remember that it is never about the destination, but always about the journey. Make your journey as enjoyable and positive as possible. If you don't know why you are here, then just have fun, finding out, while you are living a great life filled with all the positives. 4. Action: do what is necessary to achieve your goals. Do the study, do the housework, learn the dance, etc. Choose a life path, love it, then take the actions that are required to achieve it. Well placed efforts are rewarded with feelings of achievement (you cant' buy a feeling of achievement, you have to live it). Taking the action can be difficult sometimes when adversity comes to visit. But like most unwelcome visitors, they go away when you ask them to leave. So when adversity arrives, face it, work through it and stay committed to your goal, and adversity will just drift off somewhere else. When adversity drifts off a sense of accomplishment drifts in. 5. Gratitude: wow, if you are not grateful for your life you are missing the point. Where there is life there is hope; an old saying but true. If you don't like how your life is at present, you can change it to what you do like. Just follow the 4 previous steps to get you started. Gratitude is pervasive in that it soaks into all parts of your life. And there's more, check this out. 6 basic human needs (no not Maslows hierarchy) 1. Certainty: people like familiarity and some degree of certainty that brings security 2. Uncertainty: people like to be surprised and just a bit unsure of the future. This helps to provide opportunities for striving, and being in the flow of things. 3. Significance: people like to relate to something special in life, what is significant to them. 4. Love: people like to love something or someone. Choose what/who to love and proceed in a respectful, positive and unlimited manner. Love your life, your vocation, your business, your partner, your children etc. Unlimited. 5. Growth: people like to be in a state of 'flow', to be striving for some important goal. If you are not providing opportunities for yourself to grow you are stagnating in life. Make sure you grow in some way, eg, spiritual, financial, emotional, physical, intellectual. Just keep progressing. 6. Contribution: people like to feel they are contributing in some way to the betterment of others or themselves. To make a contribution to the community or individual life's, helps to create a feeling of connection and satisfaction. So there you have it. Easy peasy! Simple really, anyone can do it, even me. I advocate, 'make life easy' and stop struggling. When you choose to love what you do, struggling and adverstiy become challenges to enjoy overcoming. I have joined a business group that is helping me reach my goals. If you want some info email me movement4improvement at or visit Cool, c ya.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Life WAS meant to be easy!

I believe that the famous quote by Malcolm Frazer (former Prime Minister of Australia) “life was not meant to be easy” has become a ‘mindset’ for many Australians. There seems to be an acceptance that life is a struggle and that this is the way it has always been. The young Malcolm was quoting from his memory of a line in George Bernard Shaw’s book Methuselah but did not state the whole line of 'Life's not meant to be easy, but take courage child for it can be delightful.' Unfortunately the media pounced on it and the quote stands today as one of Malcolm Frazer’s most famous sayings.

I think, also unfortunate for the Australian public, because the meaning of that line is portrayed that life is not meant to be easy, never was easy, never will be easy. Over time (just a few decades) I get the impression that many people believe this. They struggle in their daily lives. There is never enough money, time, happiness, whatever, and they are constantly struggling in some way. I also don’t like ‘no pain, no gain’. That means that if I want to progress, I MUST create some pain or else I won’t make any gains. Well I think that is just crazy.

What if life WAS meant to be easy and the media beat up and Malcolm, got it all wrong. What would life and our community, be like if we just gave up the struggle and began to enjoy our lives? Can we progress personally and financially without making life hard for ourselves? I think we can. It’s all in the mindset, your perception or what you THINK. What you ‘think’ affects your bodily functions (stress) and your psychological well being (happiness). If you were to adopt the mindset and belief that ‘life was meant to be easy’, perhaps the daily struggling would cease to exist. Daily tasks and chores would be just that, a task to do, not a personal struggle. It’s all about the journey, not the destination. I don’t know who first made that statement but it seems true to me.

If you are not enjoying the journey of this life, just stop, re-evaluate, adjust and move forward in a more positive and loving mindset. Love and appreciate yourself; make life easy, make your achievements easy. Don’t stress out, just do the work and enjoy the process. There is work to be done and efforts to be made and you will gain a lot of excitement from achieving your goals. You won’t get anywhere sitting on you bum doing nothing and expecting money to just appear in you bank account, but you can do the work in a positive mindset without the struggling. If you are struggling a lot, you are probably doing the wrong work for your personality or life interests.

It’s all about how you feel and think about the situation. If you think ‘life was not meant to be easy’, you will probably prove yourself right by some self-fulfilling prophecy, or something. Some people love to be right, no matter what the personal cost. If you learn how to adopt the positive approach (it’s a skill), I am guessing that you can just as easily prove yourself right, that ‘life is meant to be easy’. The effort expanded will be the same but the outcome will be different. The choice is yours, and only yours, because only you, think your thoughts.

I believed in these ideas so strongly that I started a business called The Movement For Improvement. The idea is that you can move your mindset to make improvements to your life. I invite you to start ‘a movement’ in you life towards making improvements, using the ideas stated above. The topic provides a good starting point for you to explore your thinking process. Do you often relate through the negative or positive mindset category. Have some fun with it and see what you think. You might surprise yourself.

very kind regards from Jane

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