Monday, September 15, 2008

Life's opportunities

Now that I am home and back into my routine of uni assignments etc and engaging in my 'usual' life, I am wondering how I can do the 'usual' in an 'unusual' way that brings even more satisfaction to me. I am considering how some of my human needs can be used to play with life a bit more. You will notice from my previous blog that I advocate that life should be easy. To succeed in life (whatever you do that means success to you) and to achieve in business (whatever business you choose to do, or vocation) there are some common themes and concepts. There are 5 basic ideas to success that have been around for a long time. I share them with you now. 1. Fall in love: that is fall in love with your life, what you are doing, who you share your life with, and how you go about living and working. To love your vocation makes life much easier because work is not 'hard work' but another way of enjoying you life. Fall in love with you life and treat your life as valuable, nurture and support it in every way. Fall in love with a partner is also quite nice. 2. Understand what is possible: if you believe that you can achieve just about anything you choose to do, then the possibilities really open up. It was the big thinkers that dreamed up fabulous things we enjoy today (that were previously thought of as 'too far out there' to succeed) eg the car, Internet, iPhone etc. So if you understand that limiting your thinking is actually dishonouring your life potential, you can more easily choose what you really want to do and then proceed to fall in live with it and your life, even more. 3. Why am I here: to have fun, to love, to grow, to invent, to enjoy etc etc. Ask yourself that question and decide on an answer that is positive, fun and satisfying. Then make it a life goal. Remember that it is never about the destination, but always about the journey. Make your journey as enjoyable and positive as possible. If you don't know why you are here, then just have fun, finding out, while you are living a great life filled with all the positives. 4. Action: do what is necessary to achieve your goals. Do the study, do the housework, learn the dance, etc. Choose a life path, love it, then take the actions that are required to achieve it. Well placed efforts are rewarded with feelings of achievement (you cant' buy a feeling of achievement, you have to live it). Taking the action can be difficult sometimes when adversity comes to visit. But like most unwelcome visitors, they go away when you ask them to leave. So when adversity arrives, face it, work through it and stay committed to your goal, and adversity will just drift off somewhere else. When adversity drifts off a sense of accomplishment drifts in. 5. Gratitude: wow, if you are not grateful for your life you are missing the point. Where there is life there is hope; an old saying but true. If you don't like how your life is at present, you can change it to what you do like. Just follow the 4 previous steps to get you started. Gratitude is pervasive in that it soaks into all parts of your life. And there's more, check this out. 6 basic human needs (no not Maslows hierarchy) 1. Certainty: people like familiarity and some degree of certainty that brings security 2. Uncertainty: people like to be surprised and just a bit unsure of the future. This helps to provide opportunities for striving, and being in the flow of things. 3. Significance: people like to relate to something special in life, what is significant to them. 4. Love: people like to love something or someone. Choose what/who to love and proceed in a respectful, positive and unlimited manner. Love your life, your vocation, your business, your partner, your children etc. Unlimited. 5. Growth: people like to be in a state of 'flow', to be striving for some important goal. If you are not providing opportunities for yourself to grow you are stagnating in life. Make sure you grow in some way, eg, spiritual, financial, emotional, physical, intellectual. Just keep progressing. 6. Contribution: people like to feel they are contributing in some way to the betterment of others or themselves. To make a contribution to the community or individual life's, helps to create a feeling of connection and satisfaction. So there you have it. Easy peasy! Simple really, anyone can do it, even me. I advocate, 'make life easy' and stop struggling. When you choose to love what you do, struggling and adverstiy become challenges to enjoy overcoming. I have joined a business group that is helping me reach my goals. If you want some info email me movement4improvement at or visit Cool, c ya.