Saturday, August 9, 2008

So pleased

I just visited the site and was so very pleased to see positive psychology explained so well. I downloaded 'How to Become a Positive Blogger' and I loved his article 'Studying the brain from the inside out' and the movie about Jill Taylor and her book 'My Stroke of Insight'. So good! Check it out. (still don't know how to paste the link properly). So, how do I put that nice link in documents? and how do I put in a video (like Jill Taylor's). So, writing an interesting blog is an art form (for sure). Well done to Clarke, and thanks for your thoughts on paper. I aspire to do something similar. (but, I still have this really annoying habit of talking about myself, must stop that some day). So, my aim is to write my first short, but, interesting article. OOPS, Can't think. I guess I will read 'How to become a positive blogger' again. I just know I have an interesting article in me, somewhere. (ooops, talking about myself again). Perhaps it would be better to copy someone else's work and offer that (while I learn not to talk about myself). Yeah, that would be OK, for sure! No, No, No! OK, my next blog entry will be my first short but interesting article. Soon to be written! Watch this space! Well done to all the people so far, who have got the message that: life is about the journey not the destination. What sort of a journey are you planning to have? Please spend a few moments considering what your positive and negative personal qualities are and how you can best use them to have a safe and enjoyable journey. You will use these personal qualities throughout your life; as trusted tools to success, or they may become your road blocks. So it is important to know yourself well, plan for success and enjoy the ride. I have discovered Beyond Freedom and Liberty League and my life has really opened up as a result of the program. I have learned that success can be achieved and knowing myself well really helps a great deal to build an enjoyable life. Kind regards, Jane you can contact me at movement4improvement at and visit

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