Sunday, July 27, 2008

Just the beginning

This is my FIRST blog ever. I have so much to say and ask, I am a little overwhelmed at the opportunity. I invite other experienced bloggers to offer tried and tested tips and I welcome suggestions. The idea of contacting people on a global level really appeals to me. I have some environmental interests as well as personal development and business interests. I have been studying a bachelor of psychology at James Cook University and am about half way through. I decided to change degrees this semester as I could see that this disciple was not going to contribute to my HAPPINESS in life long-term. I have jumped ship and am now doing a Arts degree majoring in psychology (that uses up all those completed subjects). This allows me freedom to do any subject that interests me, so I am now doing a mix of community work, indigenous studies, business and marketing . I am really looking forward to the diversity and I think this will complement my already large skill base in counselling, case management, and interest in community development, etc. I think I need to learn a whole lot of Internet marking skills to make this work for me. Help would be appreciated. There are many parts to my life, family etc, interests etc and they all contribute to my 'wisdom' base. I am delighted to be a mature women of 55 years with the opportunities available to me in this country (Australia). It is such a fantastic time in life to have children independent, happy grandchildren, and reasonable good health to be able to do lots of interesting things. I wish to promote respect, positive thinking, and happiness as a way of life. It is my intention to post up my e-book (soon to be completed as I am working on it often) which describes a useful psychological tool to promote a happier state of mind and relieve anxiety. So look out for that. Another thing that I am working on is the 30 Day Challenge. I have requested for this challenge to learn about Internet marketing. Considering that I know very little at present, I intend to know a whole lot by the end of the challenge. I will be using this blog for communication on that. It's all exciting. Back to promoting respect and happiness. What do you think of the idea that 'people' don't understand what respect means. There appears to be a lot of disrespect going on that affects whole communities eg violence, theft, rubbish, land clearing, pollution etc. They all stem from a lack of respect in some way. I have half written a second book on Respect and Responsibility and will finish it soon. Yes, I have been very busy lately. It appears to me to be a global phenomenon. There are organisations that promote world peace, well I advocate promoting world respect and we would all benefit. Take a look at climate change. To me this stems from disrespect for the environment/earth by land clearing, unrestricted pollution, mindless consumerism and over use of resources. A respectful person would not pollute the planet that we depend upon but would take care of our resources. Australia leaves a big carbon footprint and so does China and USA etc. This global practice starts with each individual. They are choosing to disrespect the planet by their choices of purchases and practices and behaviours. It's just the same principle as disrespecting a person. People don't like it and neither does the planet and both will react negatively in some way, eg violence or climate change. We don't have to 'love' everyone, but I think we do have to 'respect' everyone and not harm them. The same applies to the planet. It is not just the governments of the world who have to make positive adjustments. It is the individual that has to get the message. I like the saying 'be the change you want to see'. My grandchildren need a healthy family and a healthy planet. I don't see that there is a difference (no healthy planet, no healthy life, no healthy families, no healthy people). We are part of the planet and we 'depend' on the planet for our survival, not the other way round. Pew! there I go again getting all heated up. The point is 'just be respectful' and try and do that in 'everything you do, say and think'. That ought to sort it all out nicely. What do you think of my ideas? Well as I said before, I have lots to talk about, so I look forward to conversing with you all. Kind regards from Jane. you can contact me for more info at movement4improvement at and visit

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